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Read the text carefully!
Questions 1 and 2 are based on the following message:
Attention, please. In order to get you more knowledge about story writing, there will be a workshop about how to write a good story. The speakers will be some journalists from our local newspaper, the Daily News. The workshop will be held in the hall on Saturday, 16th June 2012 starting from 8 a.m. Please enrol yourself before Wednesday, 13th June 2012. One more thing, this workshop is a must for all the wall magazine staff. Thank you.

1. Which of the statements is TRUE based on the message:

A.    The participants may enroll themselves until Saturday.
B.     The workshop will be held in the afternoon.
C.     The Daily News is a national newspaper.
D.    The workshop speakers are journalists.
E.     All students and teachers must attend the workshop.

2. What is the purpose of the text?

A.    To tell students how to write a good story
B.     To announce a story writing contest
C.     To advertise a local newspaper
D.    To announce a coming event
E.     To announce a workshop

The following text is for questions 11 to 14
Spanish Thief Saw Himself as
Robin Hood-like Bandit
Madrid (Reuters)-Spain's most wanted thief, "The Loner", saw himself as a Robin Hood-style figure and said he robbed banks only because they stole money from the public, his lawyer said Thursday.
Accused of killing three policemen and holding up more than 30 banks, Jaime Jimenez Arbe was planning to move on to insurance companies when he was arrested last month, Spanish media reported, citing lawyer Jose Mariano Trillo-Figueroa.
"I am not a killer and if I was obliged to shoot at officers of the law, it was always against my will and in order to avoid being arrested," Jimenez said in a letter reproduced on the websites of newspapers El Pais and El Mundo. Trillo-Figueroa said, Jimenez, who robbed the banks disguised in a false beard and a wig, thinks of himself as Curro Jimenez, a Spanish 1970s television bandit in the style of Robin Hood.
The Loner was arrested in Portugal, armed with a submachine gun in preparation for another bank robbery—Reuters.

11. What is the text about?

A.          The websites of newspapers El Pais and El Mundo.
B.           Spanish media reporter, Jose Mariano Trillo¬Figueroa.
C.           The arresting of Spain's most wanted thief in Portugal.
D.          A submachine gun in preparation for another bank robbery.
E.            A Spanish 1970s television bandit in the style of Robin Hood.

12. Before arrested, Jaime Jimenez Arbe ... in Spain.

A.          had just robbed policemen
B.           had robbed 30 banks
C.           would have killed three officers of the law
D.          had robbed insurance companies
E.            had been working for companies

13. The reason why "The Loner" robbed banks was because ....

A.    A his lawyer helped him
B.     B . he was the most wanted thief in Spain
C.     he was accused of killing three policemen
D.    he believed that the banks stole money from
the public
E.     he saw himself as a Robin Hood-style

14. “Trillo- Figueroa said, Jimenez, who robbed the banks disguised in a false     beard and a wig . . . (Paragraph 3)

The underlined word 'disguised' means ....
A.    changed appearance
B.     reduced confidence -
C.     damaged reputation
D.    exposed to view
E.     made known

The following text is for questions 15 to 18
Kang Choi Hwan was born into a loyal family that had once lived in the large Korean community of Japan. In Kyoto, his grandfather had been a supporter of Kim II Sung, North Korean's Great Leader since 1945. In 1961 the grandfather returned with his family to North Korea and had an important government post.
Within months, however, he was complaining to friends that North Korea was not the country he had expected. He was shocked to see so much poverty, which he eventually came to blame on the government's stifling grip on the economy. One morning in July 1977, when Kang was nine, his grandfather left for work and never returned.
A few weeks later, seven plain-clothed security guards stormed into Kang's house. "Your grandfather Betrayed the fatherland," one of them stated. "You must be punished."
Kang's parents and grandmother sobbed as they were forced to pack their belongings into two army trucks. The family was driven off, but Kang's mother was left behind, 'spared' because her own father was regarded as a revolutionary hero. That was the last time Kiang ever saw her.
inside North Koran's Gulag, by David Tracey

15. What was the reason why Bang's grandfather never returned to Kang's house?

A.    He was a supporter of Kim II Sung.
B.     He was accused of betraying North Korea.
C.     He was regarded as a hero.
D.    He was as an important person in Korea.
E.     He was forced by Kang's family to leave the homeland.

16. What is mainly discussed in the last paragraph?

A.    The last minutes Kang gathered together with his mother.
B.     The day Kang ever saw his grandma and grandpa.
C.     The moment Kang’s father was regard as a hero.
D.    The last day Kang’s parents and his grandma sobbed.
E.     The sad moment when Kang’s parents met his grandma.

17. Why did Kang’s grandfather disappear?

A.    He left for work and went somewhere else.
B.     He returned to North Korea.
C.     He was supporter of Kim Il Sung.
D.    He went to government’s office.
E.     He was kidnapped and punished by the security guard.

18. “A few weeks later, seven plain-clothes security guards stormed into Kang’s house.” 
(Paragraph 4)

The underlined has the same meaning as . . . .
A.    Destroyed
B.     Attacked
C.     Knocked
D.    Involved
E.     Knotted

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